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Hello everyone.
My name is Rin and I found this community recently and decided to join. Today I have a question for you all:

I was interested in reading "Evolutionary Witchcraft" after I finish my present literary endeavors, and I was looking for feedback from any of you who might have already read the book. I was able to read the first few pages at Amazon tonight, but that usually leaves much to the imagination. This book caught my interest about a week ago, but when i saw it in the store the other day, I decided to wait, not really knowing what it was about and not looking into it because I have others on my plate. However, a few days ago, I started looking into what limited information is out there on the Feri Tradition. The only books I could find on the subject was this one and "fifty years of Feri" from Cora Anderson, who was the wife of the founder and i think the co founder? However reviews stated that fifty years was a little cryptic and mystic at times, and I figured that Evolutionary Witchcraft might go deeper into points of philosophy and practice exercises with a little more clarity, explaining how to do the exercises, but also what they mean and the symbols in them.

It seems, at the first glance I've taken at it, that information on this tradition is hard to come by since alot of Feri's philosophy's and teachings are told only to initiates. However, if any of you happen to have any information on the tradition or on the book, please share!

Thanks in advance!

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