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Eclectic Pagans
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It is recommended that you read this before joining the community.


Welcome to Eclectic Pagans!

This is, as the name suggests, a community for Eclectic Pagans. We follow many pagan paths here, influenced by many different faiths. This is a place where we can discuss our practices, our beliefs and much more, and learn about the practices and beliefs of others; where we can celebrate and embrace our similarities and our differences.

(If there's anything you don't see on the interests list that you'd like to, let me know!)

Members of all faiths and practices are welcome here, but please be open-minded. Not everyone will agree with your views or beliefs, nor will you agree with everyone else's views or beliefs.

GOLDEN RULE: There is no One True Way.


Rules To Follow

1) Be respectful of each other. Just because someone doesn't follow the same Path as you, does not mean that they are "wrong" and you are "right."

LJ Trolls will be banned!!

If you join this community simply to ridicule, insult, deride, and otherwise cause discontent and malicious drama: go away. Your kind is not welcome here.

2) Please keep all posts relevant to the community. Off-topic posts will be deleted.

3) If your entry becomes lengthy (three to five paragraphs) or you wish to include a graphic, please use the
LJ-Cut Tag to cut down on spam and load time on others' friends pages.

4) If you post a graphic, please keep it to a reasonable size; 400x400 pixels or so. Larger images take a heck of a long time to load, and not all of us are on computers than can handle huge graphics.

5) If you end up 'double posting,' please take the time to delete one of the duplicates. If you don't, I will remove whichever post has no, or the least amount of comments.

6) This is not
community_promo. If you want to advertise your community, please do so over there. Shameless plugs of pagan-related communities attached to relevant posts are alright, but please keep them infrequent. ;-)

Thank you,



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