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Hi Im new here

My name is Rob or sometimes Cynthia. I am a male to female crossdresser ( I dont do it very often though) and consider myself part Fae though I have no way to prove that to anyone. I know how odd that sounds too but I promise Im not insane lol.

I am very much a novice in the spiritual world. I have had Bast as my Patron Goddess for several years now but have recently had visits from the Faerie Queen (who wants me to call her Zara) and another Goddess who I believe is Artemis.

I am a nice guy and am open minded to all beliefs. I wont always agree with what people believe but unless they outright attack my beliefs I wont attack theirs. The main core of my belief system is we are each on our own paths and they will be different. It is whatever works for us and makes us better for it.

I also need to point out as I have had problems with this is pagan communities in the past that I don't believe the ancient Myths of Bast or any other Gods and Goddesses are written in stone. If a God or Goddess choses to appear to someone in a way that goes against every known story of them then that really is their choice. That is not to say I believe myself special in some way that a Goddess will make a special appearance just for me. I believe that they appear to each one of their followers differently. I am not the special one, everyone is the special one.
For example I got no impression of the Goddess who turns men into stags and then sicks her hounds on them because they saw her naked version of Artemis when she appeared to me (I think it's her I'm not 100% on this) I got the impression of a strong willed, powerful, and somewhat wild woman who demands respect but is willing to let men follow her just as much as women as long as they show her that respect. I am still in the process of finding out if it actually is her and what she wants with me.

I am not sure what else to add here as I am quite new and I will probably be a bit shy at first. I just hope I can find welcome here and look forward to discussions. I have in my lj a description of my recent encounter with who I believe to be Artemis and a circle casting I did that had some interesting results. Feel free to check those out as well.
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