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(copy from journal - new trees!)

New Trees!
I have been hard at work updating PhoenixFire Designs with a bunch of new Tree of Life pendants and I wanted to share and show them off!

Tree of Life Pendant - Silver wire with natural, Semi-precious gemstone Peridot in the most amazing spring green.
(Peridot is August's Birthstone!)

Tree of Life Pendant - Silver on Silver with Natural Moonstone Assortment Gemstone Leaves

Tree of Life Pendant - A "cherry blossom" mix of Rose Quartz and Smokey Quartz Gemstone Leaves

Tree of Life Pendant - Silver on silver featuring amazingly complex Natural Ukanite Gemstone Leaves

Tree of Life Pendant - Silver on silver featuring Natural Smokey Topaz Gemstone Leaves

Tree of Life Pendant - Silver on Silver with Beautiful Semi-Precious Plum Garnet Gemstone Leaves
(Garnet is January's Birthstone!)

And, as always, I gladly do custom orders, so if there's something unique you'd like, just let me know!
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Those are so pretty :) And I like that they aren't all green gemstones in various shades, it makes it individual and unique.
Thank you! And yeah, I love to use a large variety of gemstones. There's a couple dozen on the site at this point and every time I find more stones, I make another. :)
How beautiful! If I had the money, I'd buy the garnet one as garnet is my birthstone.
Thanks! Yeah, garnet is a popular choice. I made one for a friend's birthday and another as a gift for a customer who was giving it to her friend.

BTW your icon is great.
Feel free to yoink it. Just credit the maker, umilateral.
These are really beautiful and unique!
Thank you for the lovely compliment!

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These are just the pendants. They have very large bails so they can be added to any chain of your choice. I have sold ones with a brown cord before for example but I don't stock lengths of ready-made chain necklaces simply because you can generally buy them cheaper locally. I can do a sterling-plated necklace for anything though upon request.