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Intro post

So hi. I wandered in here hoping for an eclectic pagans' group, and here you are.

I was raised United Methodist with a Baptist (ugh) elementary education, and I began to reject the tenets of Christianity around age 19 or so, when I began to believe that there was no way God is male. I studied Wicca, looked at Asatru, did a good bit of reading on Buddhism, and wound up making up my own path based upon my observations of the world and my studies.

I believe in a Creator who is neither male nor female but encompasses both in perfect balance and who is the source of all power and energy, creative and destructive. I believe that you can draw upon the Creator's power through prayer and ritual, but I don't do a lot of that. I believe that I should sort my own problems out wherever possible, and only bother the Creator when something is beyond my capabilities.

I was very glad to find in the past entries to this community a list of pagan charities. It has displeased me for quite some time that it can be difficult to find pagan charities, but I'm particularly pleased with Officers of Avalon, as my honey is also pagan and a paramedic, and there appears to be an active chapter of OoA in Daytona Beach, which is not terribly far away.

Anyway, I'm glad this community is here. Thanks!
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