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Some useful information to all interested

Greetings and brightest blessings to all!

Recently, in my numerous travels i had the great pleasure of attending a quaint little Mabon celebration called the Fall Frolic.
their website is  and it was, to say the least, quite a magickal and rewarding experience. this was their second year, and the attendance of 98 people as opposed to the 60 people from the first year was a very good increase, as they are sure to have more interest in this next year. On the Frolic occurred this past weekend, on the weekend of Mabon, the Wiccan harvest holiday, and started with the opening ritual. This I of course missed since it was located in Milford PA and I was driving all the way up from Cumberland County New Jersey. but friday presented with a few concerts, featuring The Patchwork Quilt Fallacy, a Potluck Dinner, and a rather warming Bonfire that went on through the night. My new found friend Greg was on hand teaching those interested in the fine art of making mead, and well, there was plenty of mead to be shared and bought (lol) The morning had a yoga and meditation class, followed by breakfast and several good workshops, including the magick of trees, hosted by Blythe Foxmore, and a shamanism class taught by the well reknowned Colleen Deatsman. I was completely enthralled. something about this place just lit up the fire elements inside of me and I am sure it did the same for the rest of the attendees. a great ritual and Feast were to follow with music from an artist called Fiz, and another one called Katrin. later that eve, we were summoned to the fire circle for a night of spiritual exploration with drumming, dancing, firespinners and more and more MEAD!(yay!) we went well into the wee morning hours, and as our weary shells gave into Nyx's slumber call, we parted untill the following morning.

Sunday Boasted of more classes, and a small warrior games tourney where i placed second only to one, which my award was again mead! outstanding! then lunch was served, and as the attendees began closing up their tents and finishing up their visits to the vendor tents, we held a closing ceremony and went our merry ways. talks have already started about next years event, as I am sure it is to be much bigger and better than this one.

those interested can visit the website above to see what we had to offer this year. It's a family outting, so bring the kids if you are interested, as there will be activities for them to partake in. and since it is in fact a family outting, please note it is not a skyclad event. though me being without a shirt didn't seem to bother anyone.

my next venture is of course samhain at Gallows hill in Salem. more to come later.

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